Tharros, Nuragic settlement, Phoenician, Carthaginian fortress, Roman urbs, Byzantine capital and Arboreal capital. Two millennia of history concentrated in one place. The ruins of the ancient city, founded in the eighth century BC and abandoned in the 11th century A.D.
Fordongianus (Forum Traiani), the main Roman city in the inland of the island, founded in the late Republic and which became a market place between the internal community and the Romanized populations of the Gulf of Oristano under the Emperor Trajan, today famous for its thermal baths.
Unesco heritage, the symbol par excellence of the Nuragic civilization, the only Sardinian site, is the center of Barumini, which since prehistoric times was the center of power and reference of a rich and fertile territory.
The region of Barbagia and its villages rich in history and tradition such as Orgosolo which reveals a profound link with its barbaric roots, customs and traditions of the past: homeland of singing in Tenore and country of murals. The town of Mamuthones, Mamoiada, welcomes us with the dedicated museum and with its prized flavors of cheeses and wines.
Finally, the summit of Gennargentu with its many hiking trails: Punta La Marmora, with its 1834, the highest peak in Sardinia.