In Sardinia, the separate collection of waste is carried out which is generally collected at home according to a pre-established calendar. In some municipalities they are brought to the appropriate bins along the streets or in the ecological islands where special waste such as batteries and medicines are also collected. Find out how to dispose of and dispose of waste in use in the place where you are staying, remember that abandoning waste is strictly prohibited.
The currency used is the euro. Credit card payments are possible in shops, hotels and restaurants, but in smaller centers they may not be allowed: we therefore recommend that you always carry a small amount of cash with you for minor expenses.
ATMs for cash withdrawals are widespread and operate 24 hours a day.
Respect wild animals, do not annoy them and do not try to approach or feed them. Make sure you know and respect the rules of behavior when you are in a park or protected area and remember that you cannot take away sand and shells from the beaches.