Our experience at your service
Our adventure begins in 2016, to offer something new, different to the tourism market. A single destination, an island in the center of the Mediterranean, where before it welcomed us as tourists and now sees us as an integral part – Sardinia. In 2017 the first important commercial contacts, Grimaldi Lines for maritime transport and later Corsica Ferries. In the same year the creation of the diving network with affiliation of some diving centers. In 2018 we open our doors abroad with the first participation as an exhibitor at the Salon de la Plongée in Paris where we are present today. Still in the same year new commercial agreements in Sardinia for the direct sale of excursions to the Maddalena archipelago and the Gulf of Orosei and above all we become the TAAP Expedia agency. In 2019 we expand the maritime transport service with the agreement with GRANDI NAVI VELOCI to offer more and more opportunities to reach Sardinia by sea. In 2020 more and more Europe, participation in Little Italy – Amsterdam, with opening to the Dutch market after the French one.


Our services
  • travel-related reservation services: reservations for means of transport, hotels, restaurants, car rental, recreational and sports services
  • timeshare exchange management services
  • visitor assistance services: providing tourist information to travelers
  • tourist promotion activities