bestmareNEtours_NE La Maddalena
In that stretch of sea, between Sardinia and Corsica, known as Bocche di Bonifacio, there is one of the most evocative landscapes in the world made up of islands and islets immersed in a turquoise sea.

Main islands: 7

Province: Province of Sassari
Maximum altitude: (Mount Tejalone) 212 m a.s.l.
Location: Strait of Bonifacio (Tyrrhenian Sea)

During the navigation we skirt the islands of Caprera and Santo Stefano to arrive at the island of La Maddalena where a stop will be made with the possibility of shopping in the typical local craft shops.
In the historic center of the island you can visit the Palazzo Comunale (where there is an unexploded bomb which, during the French expedition, was fired by Napoleon’s troops against the town), the Naval Museum and the Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art (there are on display the ‘Treasure of Santa Maria Maddalena’ – the collection of jewels offered to the Patroness as an ex voto – and the altar set (two candelabra and the silver crucifix in neoclassical style), a gift from Admiral Horace Nelson who also had one of his autographed letters, kept here, as well as statues and antique prints, sacred furnishings, documentation of offerings.
Resuming navigation, we will continue towards the most beautiful islands of the Maddalena Archipelago where, in the islands of Spargi and Santa Maria, we will stop for about an hour for a swim in the beautiful crystal clear waters. The panoramic tour of the Manto della Madonna will take place, a stretch of sea with shallow waters that take on unique colors in the world. We then skirt the Island of Budelli, famous for its pink beach where landing is forbidden as it has become a protected area for some years.
During the stop on the Island of Spargi, in Cala Corsara, the most enchanting inlet of the island, you can admire rocks that are real natural sculptures: in fact, due to wind erosion and other atmospheric phenomena they have assumed particular shapes : the witch’s head, the dog, the boot, etc.
On the way back you will skirt Punta Sardegna, Porto Raphael, Palau and Capo d’Orso where you can admire the famous rock of the same name.