SEtrekking Muravera
Aromas of citrus fruits from Sardinia, in the south-east corner of the island, attractive landscapes and traditions
Province: South Sardinia Province
Maximum altitude: 10 m a.s.l.
Location: Southern Tyrrhenian

Muravera is a picturesque town, which rises in the strip of land of the Sarrabus. Famous throughout the island for its aromatic citrus fruits: lemons and oranges. Muravera thrills us with its enchanting beaches, some very quiet, others full of life. The famous Costa Rei is also part of the municipality of Muravera. The town celebrates the art of living and the culture of Sardinia in all its facets: local craftsmanship is legendary, imposing Saracen towers recall the Spanish domination in the 16th and 17th centuries – and, in spring, the town even dedicates a big party (the citrus festival) to the protagonists of its successful export: the famous citrus fruits. A city of great inspiration, lively and full of aromatic scents between the lemon “gardens” and the sea. In Muravera you can live a unique experience between culture and nature.ultura e natura.
Muravera is bordered by several lagoons that attract very special inhabitants: colonies of flamingos, with their entirely bright pink plumage, linger in the shallow waters of the ponds and offer us a natural spectacle of rare beauty.
Fascinating testimonies of the historical origins of Sardinia: the Piscina Rei complex, the sacred well of Funtana Coberta and the 53 menhirs arranged in alignments of three to five and the extensive plateau of Pranu Mutteddu covered with centuries-old cork oaks still amaze us today.
The “Muravera Citrus Festival” is an unmissable event that marks the beginning of the tourist season in the Sarrabus area and is an important showcase for all citrus and local productions. The wonderful costumes, rich in colors, of preciously handcrafted fabrics, adorned with precious jewels made with the filigree technique, make a show of themselves in the streets of Muravera which for the occasion will be decorated with multicolored carpets and tapestries.