culturadream Carloforte
At the south-western end of Sardinia, there is a splendid village, founded by Ligurian families: one of the most enchanting island villages
Province: Province of Carbonia – Iglesias
Maximum altitude: 10 m a.s.l.
Location: Sardinia Channel
The only inhabited center of the island is Carloforte, founded in 1738, during the reign of Carlo Emanuele III, by a colony of Ligurian fishermen from Tabarka, an island off the coast of Tunisia, a Ligurian colony owned by the Lomellini, then lords of Pegli, who in order to exploit the rich coral reefs had populated it with fishermen almost exclusively from Pegli. In the first period of colonization the town was gathered within the circle of the ramparts. The only brick buildings were the Castle, the Church and the Duke’s house. Even today the Ligurian origin of its inhabitants can be found in the town planning, as can be seen by visiting its historic center, starting with the Battellieri seafront where in addition to the monument dedicated to Carlo Emanuele III, we can admire the old buildings eighteenth and nineteenth century that were born in the period in which Carloforte expanded beyond the walls.
The island of San Pietro, together with the nearby island of Sant’Antioco, forms the Sulcis archipelago, facing the coasts of Sulcis Iglesiente, in southwestern Sardinia. Of volcanic origin, its coasts are high and jagged so that in the north-western part they fall sheer into the sea from a height of up to 150 meters. The coast of San Pietro is characterized by an alternation of sandy coves protected by high cliffs while the hinterland, covered by dense Mediterranean scrub, is home to a single town, Carloforte.
The bluefin tuna, caught in one of the oldest Mediterranean returns still in business, is the protagonist of the “Girotonno – Men, stories and flavors on the tuna routes”, a unique event of its kind, now in its twelfth edition. On a small island in south-western Sardinia, the island of San Pietro, in Carloforte, from 30 May to 2 June, chefs from 6 countries meet to celebrate this ancient tradition linked to tuna and traps. The international event involves gastronomes, internationally renowned chefs, experts in tuna cooking, journalists and experts in Mediterranean gastronomy, nominating Carloforte “Capital of quality tuna”, that is the “racing tuna” Bluefin tuna – bluefin (Thonnus Thynnus), which it is caught in the trap of San Pietro in the days of the event.