bestmareNO Stintino
Pearl of the Mediterranean north-west of Sardinia. La Pelosa, its symbolic beach, is by far one of the most beautiful in Sardinia.

Province: Province of Sassari

Maximum altitude: 10 m a.s.l.
Location: Sea of Sardinia

Fine white sand, breathtaking views, blue-turquoise waters and one of the most beautiful seas in the entire Mediterranean: this is Stintino, a renowned tourist resort on the north-western end of Sardinia, in the province of Sassari.
Born as a fishing village removed from the island of Asinara, when the island was transformed into a penal colony, Stintino has one of the most fascinating coasts of the whole of Sardinia and represents a true paradise for sea lovers and for all those who want spend a holiday in contact with a wild and unchanged nature.
Stintino city is also characteristic and interesting to visit, it is small but at the same time very picturesque with a beautiful tourist port. The town huddles around the Church of the Immaculate Conception, the only one in the small town, characterized by low and colorful houses typical of the seaside village. Also worth seeing are the two ports Portu Mannu and Portu Minori, both equipped for nautical tourism. Not to be missed in the immediate neighboring town of Sassari, the Tonnara Museum.
Stintino is not characterized by a lively nightlife, rather it represents the ideal destination for those who want to spend moments of relaxation and tranquility away from the chaos of super crowded places and destinations. However, there are bars, clubs and small kiosks even in the center of the town itself where you can enjoy excellent drinks even until late at night listening to good music, sometimes even live.