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Some of the most beautiful diving in Sardinia


Off the coast of Punta del Papa, just outside zone A, from the detrital bed of about 45 meters rises a sequence of limestone reliefs that continue the profile of the tip underwater. The bank is divided in two by a sand channel (Papa 1 and Papa 2) and the upper part of the first relief is 15 m, the second 24 m. Each of the two parts is served by a mooring buoy.


To the west of the promontory, the Nereo cave has an extension of about 350 meters and in some places the height of the vault exceeds 10 m. There are three main entrances: one at a depth of 20 m, one at 18, the most spectacular also called Archi di Nereo and one at 32. Only the areas near the entrances receive light from the outside. The internal tunnels are completely dark and a cave diving organization must be used.


The wreck is that of a large, fairly large merchant ship armed for defensive purposes, sunk by a famous British submarine which, in 1943, was the origin of numerous shipwrecks. It is located in two sections at a distance of about 1.5 km: the deepest bow at -45, the stern and the central part between -34 and -42, this will be the goal of the dive. This part of the wreck is about fifty meters long, the general state of conservation is quite good and the ship seems to be still underway, they are possible with great caution and the necessary preparation for penetrations in the hold, in the engine room and on the deck.



Also called Secca Washington, it consists of a vast rocky relief whose cap reaches up to 6 meters from the surface.
It consists of huge blocks of granite eroded in an aerial environment, surrounded by rocks, landslides, tafoni and depressions which, in the deepest points, slightly exceed 25 m. The many possible and varied routes start from the four buoys anchored on the bottom that reach about 4 m from the surface, clearly identifiable in not unfavorable weather conditions.